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   Scandinavian Monday Night Dance  |   Social Dancing

We specialize in traditional dance and music from Sweden and Norway.  We dance every Monday night, unless Monday is a major holiday, or the last two weeks of December. We also usually dance during the summer except when we are in Scandinavia dancing.  Please check the calendar for our summer schedule.  Teaching is from 7:30-8:30 pm followed by open dancing until 10:00 pm.  We usually have live music.  No partner is necessary. Please bring smooth or leather soled shoes, as this type of dance is not possible otherwise.  Cost is $7 per evening. 

Scandinavian dance evening with teaching and open dancing, usually with live music.

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Nancy Ellinghaus

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Regular Event: Scandinavian Monday Night Dance - Scandinavian Dance

Every Monday of the Month through Monday June 3rd 2019

7:30 pm

The Avalon, Sodal Hall
6185 Arapahoe Rd
Boulder CO 80303


This is a series of classes focusing on basic Scandinavian dance skills and accessible, fun dances.

Nancy Ellinghaus


Monday Night Scandinavian Dancing will offer a series of classes focusing on basic Scandinavian dance skills and accessible, fun dances. Learn the secrets of maintaining your own balance while connecting with your partner and turning effortlessly. An added benefit is Scandinavian dance skills transfer to most other couple dance forms, so you will not only be learning new dances, you will be enhancing the ones you already know! We will begin with Telegangar, a Norwegian walking dance that is reminiscent of country swing in a relaxed tempo, and introduce pivots, one of the basic building blocks of Scandinavian turning dances. Pivots are also very useful in waltz and other couple dances. In the following weeks we will add schottis, basic polska, stigvals, Hambo and Rørospols. The classes will build on each other, week to week, so it is necessary to come regularly.  There is no need to bring a partner, as we change partners often, but do bring hard soled shoes because turning dances are not possible with grippy soles. We usually have live music on fiddle, nyckelharpa and button accordion.