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Pilates Mat for Dancers:

A well developed dancing technique requires a strong core and stability, Pilates mat exercises will give you this stability. Strengthening your core also improves spinal and pelvic alignment. Pilates helps your arms and legs move with ease, which will translate into your dancing.  As you gain more limb mobility during your mat workout routine, you will have better extension and a freer movement quality.  Pilates helps you determine which parts of your body are weak, tight or over stretched. It will benefit your dancing by strengthening and elongating your muscles without building bulky muscles.  You will notice increased coordination and endurance. By working out bare foot, the muscles of your feet are engaged, which increases awareness of your feet and improves your balance leading to smooth, and controlled dancing. The exercises will make you more aware of your body, your breath, and improve your posture.  Pilates contributes to an increased mind-body connection and a positive attitude.  Pilates provides great cross-training for the sport of dancing and for movement in your everyday life.  

Pilates Improves: Range of motion, balance, ability to spin, core strength, alignment, stability, full-body muscle tone, body mechanics, coordination, concentration, control, and movement fluidity

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Linda Hescheles


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